Svelte SSGs

As much as I like Eleventy as an SSG I’ve been thinking that it‘s a bit trapped by its reliance on CJS caching for its internal workings. I'd like my next SSG to use for this site to be ESM-first as well as Svelte-based – Sapper, the official Svelte-based SSG, has been overtaken by a series of other attempts: JungleJS; Plenti (which is intriguingly written in Go); Routify.

Now we have Elder (the name happily reminds me of one of my favorite metal bands but it's due to it being used to back a catalog of senior-living homes) – I’ll have to spend some more time looking into it but so far it looks very interesting, especially the hook system.

There's also SSGO now, which is a skeletal Reno-based SSG – there's a lot to like here, the concept of 'creators' has a simple appeal.

All of this of course is a horrible distraction from learning Typescript ...