Top Ten for August 2, 2020

Minnie Riperton is inescapable in Bette Gordon and James Benning’s United States of America

Scorcese’s The Age of Innocence

New Philip Guston retrospective on tour in 2021, to Boston, Houston, Washington DC, and London, COVID permitting

Lando Norris' helmet design for the 2020 British GP weekend

Samuel Andreyev on Schoenberg

Paul Jacobs’ Schoenberg piano music

Sean Carroll‘s Biggest Ideas in the Universe physics lecture series

Into Great Silence, currently bootlegged on YouTube, is an incredible documentary inside a silent monastery in the Alps; as the film goes on you realize the subject of the film is not the initiated but yourself and your own thoughts and reactions

Thanks to the people who like to post how-to repair videos

Lull's 1994 'dark ambient' LP Cold Summer