Top Ten for August 24, 2020

Olly Chubb’s techno nostalgia shows on NTS

Feds swarming a giant yacht and arresting Bannon for grift

A story about hanging with Borges which will inevitably become a movie

The latest (and last? Say it isn't so) volume of Rick Perlstein's history of American conservatives

Iconic PowerPoint slides

New Nonlocal Forecast on Hausu Mountain, evocative vaporwave reminding you of synthesizer LPs of yore


Ars subtilior, a polyphonic musical style of the 14th century, via Samuel Andreyev’s podcast with composer Jonathan Bell – a superb recording is Figures of Harmony’s 4CD set of songs from the Chantilly Codex

The Harvard Foundations of Physics lecture/debate series

Shit and Shine’s deep-fried Krautrock, which is a goofball melange of Faust/Can/Nurse with Wound/Butthole Surfers/Atari Teenage Riot