Top Ten for July 24, 2021

Algorithmic redistricting via David Shor

Saariaho’s incredible new opera Innocence, premiered in Aix – NYT review, NYer

Excellent review of Delta and a good conversation with Dr. Ashish Jha

“Falling psychiatric biodiversity” – noted within, post-traumatic counseling considered harmful

Exquisite riches are to be found in obscure symphonies: Atterberg’s Third, Magnard’s Fourth Langgaard’s Fourth, Martinů’s Fourth

Talking about inequality not only demotivates people to actually address it but generates even more inequality-aggravating legislation

William Carter’s edited Moncrieff translation of Proust

The Tyranny of Spreadsheets

“The median Democrat is substantially more conservative, at least on social issues, than really almost any Democratic politician that is out there.”

Making criticism of textbooks into a political career in 1966