Top Ten for January 19, 2022

Single-room-occupancy hotels (SROs) were the last housing option for the now homeless

“A month later, a microscopic, wormlike invertebrate known as a bdelloid rotifer was crawling around inside. Radiocarbon dating revealed the rotifer to be twenty-four thousand years old”

Michael Kofman on the Russian military buildup around Ukraine

soClassiq, online classical-music reference

Another terrific art-piece deep dive in the NYT, this time on Jasper Johns’ 1961 In Memory of My Feelings – Frank O’Hara – more along similar lines in Artforum

England's Reformations and their Legacies

Excellent F1 car diagram-exploded-view animation

Allan Adams’ introductory quantum mechanics lectures at MIT

Complete William Byrd keyboard music performed by Davitt Moroney

Like SQL, a technology that has never been bettered and finds ever-new applications: the turboencabulator