Top Ten for February 7, 2022

Ian Leslie on the Get Back documentary

23 years later, finally finishing Jason Lutes’ Berlin comic set during Weimar, a tremendous achievement (here as well is the obligatory enormous Comics Journal interview with Lutes)

Caspian Report summing up Russian rationale and military options

“A new Vermeer”

Radio image of our galaxy reminds me of 1990s Twombly

A useful synonym/paradigm for 'procrastination' and 'avoidance', Ugh Fields

Socialist realism: Stalingrad – the 'prequel' to the better known Life and Fate – and music lecture series Music Under Stalin

A Disaster In Plain Sight – empathetic fentanyl reporting from the SF Chronicle

Hans Werner Henze symphonies performed by the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin conducted by Marek Janowski

Gonzo travelogue in the FT that should be put in a time capsule: How Miami became the most important city in America