Top Ten for February 24, 2022

Finance capital, unwilling to incur losses, impedes addressing climate change: “[the] problem, in the models and in our current reality, is the arrogant fidelity to growth.” Daniela Gabor as well on the boondoggle of carbon pricing

PT Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, an absolute delight

“Mental health care, [Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane’s administrator] said, is a money-losing proposition. Medicine is reimbursed based on procedures patients undergo, he pointed out, and with mental health ‘there are no procedures.’”

Magdalena Kožena sings Mahler’s “Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen” with Abbadolyric translation

The very extreme weather of a “hot Jupiter” 850 light-years away

“[The] correct game theory move for Ukrainian soldiers is to follow their own oligarchs into defection and accept the 2-3x salary increase from joining the Russian Army”

Prof John Mearsheimer on Ukraine now and Ukraine in 2015 – our strategy, such as it is, reaping predictable rewards

Protons striking dust were likely source of Earth’s water

Masters of British Comic Art

Playlist of Afghanistan-campaign Russian popular music