Top Ten for March 3, 2022

Ukraine on the Brink

Kagan and Richter play Medtner in 1980

Tiny coral-like (but unlikely coral; more likely, salt) structure on Mars

Barbirolli’s 1967 Mahler 6

Condemnation of the American left's abasement, in which the US is more to blame for enabling bad actors than the actors themselves: The New Strategic Narcissists, “anti-imperialism of idiots”

Vice extensively covering Ukraine post-2014: a collection of 2014–15 dispatches including Donbass In 2014Donbass in 2016, the new Cold War, volunteer militias, Crimea in 2017–2019, Russian and Ukrainian far-right extremism as a magnet for right-wing extremists worldwide

Center for Strategic and International Studies Ukraine brief from January and a discussion from March 1

Game in which you sort Wikipedia entries chronologically – gets deviously more difficult the longer a game goes on

Institute for the Study of War Ukraine briefings

Severance – a show that’s closer to Philip K Dick’s work than many actual Dick adaptations