Top Ten for April 13, 2022

Drone vid of Tesla’s Berlin “gigafactory”

Lectures and interviews on early Christianity – Why Invent the Jesus? and The Gospel According to Carrier – and the science of the ancient world from Richard Carrier

The search for an octopus amenable to study

Microplastics will become more and more a pressing concern: in the oceans, in the Salish Sea, in our blood

Jef Raskin, he of Apple user interface guideline fame, came up with great input tech for his Canon Cat

Marc Sabat’s Euler Lattice Spirals Scenery – on the Another Timbre label

Ukraine could be the second-largest supplier of natural gas

One man and his singing-Torah software

DALL•E 2, art generator – giant leap forward and in some examples indistinguishable from a human-created illustration

Carbon offsets “really are a distraction from true progress toward net zero”