Top Ten for July 30, 2022

The NYT's 2018 proposal to overhaul the House of Representatives: part one, part two

Ella Zarina Trio at Bimhuis

What Are Edge Networks?

Omar El Akkad’s American War from 2017 – reviewers get hung up on the details of the novel’s future history and miss the brilliance of the book, which is to put Americans in the position of Iraqis or Syrians

The New Politics of Evasion

Build Back Better, Dead Again (somewhat obviated by Manchin’s recent and sudden acquiescence to what I would consider moderate tax and climate legislation, most likely prompted by a deal that would advantage a pipeline from his state of West Virginia)

July 16’s Down with Disease

The Denver Post and the PBS NewsHour on the imminent end of the Colorado River

“Seeing the dystopias of your own imagination being created is not the best thing you could wish for”: A flood of absurd marketing for the Brobdingnagian NEOM project which has its antecedent in Superstudio’s Continuous Monument from 1969

Carter Scholz’ Radiance from 2002 – very indebted to William Gaddis and a joy to read, this is one of the few things Scholz wrote (along with music composition)