Top Ten for January 25, 2023

Aftersun from 2022 – emotional journey anchored by an incredible child lead

As people think about finally addressing missing-middle housing they’re also belatedly thinking about social housing – the Viennese being an excellent model. The Nation surveys modern reactions, the historical background, pics of Alt-Erlaa, Bloomberg has an excellent preçis

Romp through The Waste Land – every online annotated text is frustrating so I’d recommend instead the Norton Critical Edition

Exxon – who by the way still has a favorable ESG rating – had the most accurate global-warming projections in the 1970s but continued to dissemble for decades

The Beautiful, Brutal World of Bonsai

Aging reversed … in mice

Why Google fears ChatGPT

Neo-Nazis attacking electrical infrastructure

Jan Křesadlo’s Astronautilia

Macroeconomic Changes Have Made It Impossible for Me to Want to Pay You