Top Ten for March 4, 2023

Wolfram on how large language models work and Ted Chiang on the same

Ron DeSantis at Guantánamo – DeSantis refuses to talk to non-Murdoch press, and the press that is covering him focuses on the stunts he pulls as governor to establish his antiwoke-crusader bona fides, so this detail of his biography has escaped notice

Child migrants used as labor in the States

Israeli hackers-for-hire manipulating opinion through a fake social media army (part of the Story Killers project which is very much worth reading)

The Fallen of WWII – amazing dataviz from 2015

Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s Minister of Chaos

Why Don’t We Just Ban Targeted Advertising? – a hopeful story in that it posits that a rational decision could be made regarding transitioning business models to more respectful, humane ones; this has no chance of happening but the possibility is worth pondering

Literally nothing escapes absurd politicization: the evils of the walkable city

France secretly owns 14 countries – we all accept America's economic hegemony established at Bretton Woods but the French version of this is also comprehensive

In a pretty downer top ten, a ray of light in a brilliant and elegant rocket design from Stoke Space